Monday, February 25, 2013

We Found A Baby!

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Yes, we are finally near the end of the road. With three years and tens of thousands of dollars of IVF shots down the tube, the fallopian tube that is, we struck out into the dark and dreary world to adopt. Don’t wild children who need homes just run around the woods all the time? Lets just set a bear trap and land us a baby. Its actually not that easy. We thought we had been selected to receive a baby twice in the last year. Both times the birth mothers were “fake pregnant” with a mix of crazy thrown in. They both wanted to string us along for fun and attention. Who does that! It took a long long time for that kind of hurt to go away.

Things are different now. We are adopting...For Reals People! We now have a legitimate birth mother who has a real baby boy inside of her and she wants to have us adopt him. He will be arriving in a few weeks and its amazing.

Our adoption agency isn’t licensed in the state where the adoption will be taking place. So, we cant use our super super cheap church based adoption agency. We will need to do a private adoption through a third party in the state. So, that's why we need your help. The cost will be considerably higher than we had game planed for and we thought that making this little video and reaching out to our friends would be a good idea. Below we have listed the sum of the expenses we will or have encountered.

Here is a break down of the costs associated with the adoption:
  • $1000   Home study (to verify we are not hoarders).      
  • $4000   Hiring attorneys in two states.                          
  • $2000   Travel expenses: hotel, gas, food for 14 days.  
  • $2000   Hospital expenses during the birth.               
  • Priceless   Matching baby name tattoos, duh!                    
Why would you donate? First, babies are awesome and they smell so so so good. Second, this is the end of a 5 year journey to have a baby and you all have been there the entire way. We wanted to share the entire experience with you. Finally, you can make a difference in this new baby boys life. We will be great parents. We know it. With your help we can do it together.

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